Celebrity Eva Longoria Hates To Be Photographed While Smoking

April 26, 2011

In the present it is a big problem for celebrities to smoke in public and smoking is also a problem for persons who do not smoke because of the second hand smoke effects. Eva Longoria is one of the celebrities who do not like to be photographed when smoking, but she recognizes that she has this bad habit.

She feels embarrassed because of her smoking cigarettes habit that is why she takes care no one sees her when she has a cigarette brake.

Eva Longoria is smoking cigarettes

A few reports have shown that Eva Longoria is smoking almost all the time and this habit is getting out of her control lately. The more she is smoking cigarettes she is getting more addicted to them. It is a common thing for many smokers to get more addicted to smoking if they smoke more and more. There are many celebrities who should quit smoking or find another alternative to satisfy their needs.

Eva Longoria Parker is one of the best American actresses and is trying very hard to hide her smoking habit, but she was still seen smoking cigarettes while going on a trip to Puerto Rico.

The New York Daily News quoted the beautiful actress that she hates to be photographed while smoking. Eva Longoria is not the only one actress who doesn’t like to be seen smoking, there are many others like Lauren Conrad, who is a well known actress from The Hills, she is also trying very hard through different methods to hide her smoking habit. Other celebrities like them are Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Britney Spears, who was lately seen smoking in public many times and Anne Hathaway, who has stopped smoking this summer.

Many celebrities prefer cigarette brands like: Marlboro Red cigarettes , Camel Full Flavor cigarettes or Winston White cigarettes.

Antonia Russo is a great image consultant in Manhattan who is specialized in advising the big artists to perform better. She also said that the subject of keeping the smoking habit hidden is so taboo. Antonia Russo said that many people have a certain concept about people who are smokers; many of them believe that they don’t take care of their health and that they are socially irresponsible.

She also added that when you are a role model you don’t want to be considered like that.