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Marlboro is surely the most popular and best-selling brand around the world nowadays. The brand gained its popularity due to high-quality tobacco contained in these cigarettes. Its memorable taste makes smokers remain followers of the brand for many years. Since the dawn of the history Marlboro cigarettes were aimed exclusively at women. Today Marlboro is an attribute of braveness and freedom for the young and the adults.

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The Marlboro brand is a creation of Philip Morris, which is one of the largest tobacco companies. Marlboro was the first brand in 1955 which offered cigarettes with a filter. Nowadays, though there is a plenty of brands selling filtered cigarettes, Marlboro remains the most preferred cigarette brand in the world. Initially being created as a woman’s cigarette, Marlboro brand changed its image to a cowboy character in the early 60s.

A vast number of people smoke these cigarettes despite the introduction of many other brands. While it is popular among men worldwide, owing to the iconic Marlboro Man, women jump at the chance to enjoy Marlboro cigarettes remarkable taste.

Marlboro cigarette filters include cellulose acetate and carbon particles. This brand has a lot of different components that help you relax and calm down. Smoking Marlboro cigarettes provides pleasurable experience and gives you energy.

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