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Gallaher Group is the company that produces Sobranie cigarettes and many other well known tobacco brands. This company is famous for its quality tobacco and interesting way of processing the tobacco that is used to manufacture the cigarettes. The tobacco products produced by this company are unique in taste and design. Sobranie is known in the whole world as being the best cigarette choice that a smoker could make.

Sobranie cigarette brand was first produced in Ukraine and since 2005 in Russia. These cigs have a leading place on the Russian and Moldovan tobacco market. They have unique flavor and taste and are the most expensive cigarettes in Russia and the ex-soviet countries like Moldova, for example.

Sobranie Cigarettes- A New Smoking Wave

Sobranie cig brand is made in the first place for women, but there are men too, who like the taste of this brand and are the best clients of this tobacco product. If you are looking for cigarettes that are especially produced for women then you have come to the right place. You can order them at our online tobacco store. These cigarettes are slim; they have exclusive taste and high quality tobacco. The unique design makes these cigarettes more attractive.

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Thousands of women confirmed the fact that smoking Sobranie tobacco product you feel free, like in flight. The modern women need more relaxation that is why the best offer for you to take is Sobranie cigarettes.

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