Basic Methods to Fight the Tobacco Odor

November 16, 2012

Basic Methods to Fight the Tobacco Odor

Anyone knows how irritating the cigarette odor can be, especially when you live with someone who smokes or you are a smoker yourself. No matter what are the reasons you want to hide the smell of cigarette smoke, either it is because your friends don’t stand it or you don’t want anyone to know that you are smoking you can always try a few tips to reduce the intensity of tobacco smell.

There are some simple ways to reduce the cigarette smell and anyone can try them. The most essential method to get rid of smoke odor is to air the room out. Just open all the windows for a couple of hours and this way will help you get out some of the smoke odor. Even though this method is not a fix-all way, it does work to a certain level. If you try this method with other ways it will give you really good results.

cigarette odor

Maybe the most evident way to get rid of a smoke smell which you don’t like is to wash the materials that have the odor. Wash blankets, clothes and any other cloth objects that can be found in the area. You can either do this in a washing machine, which is much cheaper for you or you can take the things which smell to a dry cleaner, but it may cost you more money.There exist some products that if you leave them sitting in a room are a big help for getting rid of the smoke odor. A well known product is vinegar. Just a small cup or bowl will do the job.

Though this method can be not very pleasant to you when it is applied, it is working very well. Another method which works pretty good is to leave in room orange peels. These will have almost the same effect as vinegar. Just be sure to leave many orange peels directly on the material that has the odor and you want to take it off from it.

Another interesting method is putting baking soda on a surface and it will absorb the smoke odor. Almost anyone has baking soda at home and it is a very simple thing to do. It will have more results if the baking soda will be left on the material during the night, but be sure that the material will not react negatively with the baking soda. Very important thing to do about this matter is to clean or change the light bulbs.

Another very important thing that needs to be done to get rid of smoke odor is to change or clean light bulbs. Smoke stay to these bulbs with no trouble and odor is coming from them every time they are being used. Many people don’t even know about this or don’t remember.A very good method is to clean flat surfaces or floors. Residue from cigarettes attaches to everything ceilings, table surfaces or floors.

There are times when you can even see this buildup on those surfaces. Wash all of those above and you will observe that the cigarette smoke odor is not as bad as it was before. There exist many more other methods to get rid of smoke odor but here are just a few of them. Try-out with different methods and see what is working best for you.